Returning home

Returning Home.

Home I have seen six months back,

Am in a train and it’s on a track,

Pulling me with its own rhythm,

I am home sick now,

Thinking of them.

My son loves cricket and bread and ham.

My wife loves children and the home she runs.

My daughter wants to make her braids,

As those heroines do with all their intricate brain.

The train is pulling very slow,

It is his whim very though.

My bag is full of gifts you know?

My wife knows I have bought something,

For her, But she will never show.

Anyhow, the smell of home, the smell of food,

My wife cooks good,

The cosy chair and my garden own,

I live all there,

I live with my tune.

If you can, please take me there very soon.

I am now insane.


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