You Said You Love Me.Mountian range

You Said You Love Me.

I am in the mountain range,

I felt it here,

I felt it strange,

That someone loves me,

And all is mine.

I looked at the coins,

I looked at the birds,

I smelled the roses,

But I didn’t feel your love.

You are in a hurry,

You asked it as desperate,

Think of me as if I am dead.

Will you marry someone?

If this happens?

Or stay alone?

Would you love me more?

As this love alone.

Bothering me as I am very poor,

Whether it is true love or is it still not pure?

Wait and watch to look at your desires.

Look at your asking,

In this mountain range.

The chill air blows,

Only the room heater,

I have kept a little close.

I am poor,

Without much money.

I read books whatever I find funny.

I sing songs which is full of joy,

My paintings are my mind of different shades,

The birch, the willow, the oak, the pine.

These steepy roads,

I climb every time.

Will you climb everyday?

For me?

Forget me.

I am not for you.

I am not worthy of man said love.

And I am anxious that you fell in love.



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