I Met The Sun.

This morning,

I met the Sun,

He came near my hands,

I filled my palms with all his colours and kissed my own palms.

The sun asked-“What in returns?”

I said- tea or coffee or maths, stay here,

Please till I drink my milk full of glass.

The Sun nodded,

I felt joy.

I gave him my own soul.

He nourished me as he ever does,

Whenever I feel very cold.

He remained with me all the day,

But very busy looking alone,

At the dusk he said bye,

You will find me in the moon.

When moon rose, I could see the Sun.

As he promised as never gone.

I laughed at him,

He laughed at me too.

The next morning,

My friend Sun came,

My little dear, how do you do?


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