Who is she? In my thought a girl in a long skirt and a shirt with curly long hair comes. I have never seen her. She is my concern of knowledge. She is in her world….. Very much absorbed in her own.

She is, maybe seven to eight years old. She always comes in my blank thoughts. Whenever I come to rest on my sofa or even think something deep in my mind, she comes and as if she is my sister or some other kin.Without telling me asks me to write a story for her. I stared Huh! Is that so easy?

I started neglecting her. Many magic mind knows. One day I was dozing in the train, I saw her laughing at me. That day she was in a beautiful red skirt. I got up and it was my stop. The other day my boss called me in his chamber for some explanation, she appeared in my imagination and disappeared then and there. My boss looked at me and asked, “What do you say about this (The matter which we were discussing). I told him spontaneously “Sir, this problem will appear and disappear and we will keep an watch on it.” I could not sleep that night. Things cannot go like this. Does she only gives me all the ideas? It does not happen with all. I was feeling shy whether she follows me every moment. Slowly I fell asleep. No in the dream she did not come.

Next morning, she was in my thought with a sad face and asked me to keep quiet. My mother was asking me about my lost appearance. I had my breakfast and went to the market, the vegetable seller was asking exorbitant price for tomatoes. While all were protesting about the price, I kept quiet.

Though I was also feeling the same to protest. I bought a little less than the required amount of tomatoes with other vegetables and came home. The very girl was telling in my mind that she is flying. A letter in my mobile came that I have to go to Vietnam for some office work and I must wait for the other formalities to get over. I asked my wet mind “ Will you be with me in Vietnam?” I saw her singing. This was a real tension as I cannot sing. My voice is very much unlikeable. I went to my office and after lunch break  my boss told me that not to much worry as in Vietnam the lunch time is long and they go for an hour long nap to get freshened. I could not believe, the very girl appeared in a colourful skirt yawning. What?????? would I be found lazy? Then anyhow, after landing at the” Tan Son Nhat” International airport, the company cab took me to the office and after that when they dropped  me at their guest house, I really loved it.

It was well furnished, well lit and in the living room, there is a piano. Saw her smiling with a gesture like conducting an orchestra she moved her hands. This time I was mesmerized. Kept my baggage down.Came out of my shoes and went to it and for the first time touched the keys of the piano. Moved my fingers as they do in television shows. I felt my childhood where mother was having tough time to train me in harmonium. I got a call from my mother and she complained why was I not responding to her calls? While she had been continuously trying my number. When I replied that I was playing a piano and could not hear the mobile was raining with rings, a big “What?” came from her. The very girl appeared and told me to have a wash and order some food.


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