A Father’s Concern.

In Bangalore, my mother was the class teacher of the fifth standard of a secondary school. There she taught till seventh standard. In her class there was a boy named Dasarath.

One fine morning, the class had begun. Ma was taking the class, when at 08:10 am a low and thin voice called out to her-“Miss, miss”.Ma  looked at the source of the voice and found Dasarath standing at the class room door asking for permission to enter the class.

Ma was surprised that he was ten minutes late to the class as the class had begun at eight.

Ma asked him-“Dasarath why are you late?”

He replied-“P.T. (physical training) sir had asked to wait on the ground as a punishment”.

Ma said-“Go and sit in your place”.

As the class was in full swing Ma couldn’t ask him why P.T. sir had punished him.

When the lunch break took place, Ma asked P.T. sir in the staff room that why had he punished Dasarath?

The P.T. sir let out a humorous and ho-ho laughter and replied-“Today, morning in the assembly line I noticed that he was wearing slippers. I asked him-“ Dasarath why are you not in your school uniform?”

As soon I asked him this, he took out his black school shoes from his school bag which were wrapped in a plastic. On seeing the shoes I questioned him-“ Why are you not wearing them?” To which he replied-“Sir, my shoes do not fit me anymore. They are too small for me. I had asked my father to buy me a new pair of black school shoes, but he said that just six months back he had bought me a new pair. If within six months my feet have grown then he couldn’t help it, as he can’t afford to do so.”

Dasarath’s dad was a police constable with a large family. As it was mandatory to wear black school shoes in school, so Dasarath had brought the shoes to convince the school authorities. So he came to school wearing house slippers and that’s the reason why P.T. sir had punished him.

It was the P.T. sir’s job to check whether everyone was in proper uniform or not.

Ma asked P.T. sir not punish him anymore as he was a calm, cool and a good student.


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