Weekly Activities.

Weekly activities keep us fit,

They make us happy so that we all don’t become a git,

An idle mind is a rubbish heap,

Which only manufactures loads of trash and keeps our minds uncleaned,

Which can’t be recycled,

Can’t be cashed.

It’s better to exercise,

Better to sing,

Better to draw,

Better to paint,

As without them our mind rings.

For maintaining weekly activities,

It requires a bit of patience and hard work,

But with good time,

All will be good,

As with hard work comes very good results,

With very good results,

Comes happiness of mind and heart,

But don’t be fooled,

Results vanish as they come,

They are like that beautiful smell,

Which lingers for a while.

So keep your mind steady,

Be ready, be well,

As weekly activities have to be done with spree and happiness,

As you and your self,

Know yourself the best,

As it is those weekly activities which keep us happy, truthful and ready to face life


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