Back From Shopping.

We came back from shopping, Ma was looking sad. I asked Ma-“Ma why are you sad?” She asked me to sit in front of her. I sat in front of her on a stool.

Then Ma said-“When we had gone to the market, then I wanted to buy a few things.”

Ma had saved some money to buy some things. When we had visited the markets, there were few things which were available there of the things which Ma wanted to buy. The things were wipes, one or two frying pans, a bottle of shampoo, few eatables, etc.etc.

But after picking up two things our budget was crossed and we couldn’t buy the rest of the things.

Ma explained this to me. So I said-“Ma for this you are upset.”

Ma-“Not only for that. There is one more thing.”

Me-“What Ma?”

Ma-“I wanted to buy two double scooped cone ice creams, while I could only buy two single scooped ice cream.”

On hearing those words from Ma, I felt sad, I felt as if Ma had become a small child and I also felt that I was looking at my own self.

If Ma had bought two double scooped cone ice cream , then nothing would have happened. But Ma kept the budget in control and didn’t overspend. I cheered Ma up and said-“The next time, Ma we would as many as double scooped ice creams as you want.”


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