Another Morning Of Cricket.

Yes, it is Sunday and yes it’s cricket day. The boys of my locality since morning till afternoon 01:30 pm were playing cricket like mad men.

You can sleep from morning till evening, no one will know.

In the scintillating Sun, they played cricket as if there is nothing else to do on this Holy day.

To play cricket after having full fledged lunch is hard.

Earlier people used to say that heavy breakfast, moderate lunch, in between have some light tiffin and have light supper with soup, but nowadays breakfast are always farce, not one hour will go and you will feel hungry. Then everytime you step on the weighing machine to check whether you have lost any weight or so.

I am thinking that the person who is running so slow must have had lunch, so what’s the meaning of playing cricket after lunch? What about the fast bowler who is acting like a medium pacer.

Be happy, take rest as it as a Sunday.

So a happy Sunday.


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