I am Bishan Banerjee. Many of my friends called me shy, selfish and sometimes “not giving”. Sudip my friend knows that in a bus, if anybody sits behind me, he or she should not sleep on my shoulders for his support.

He taught me many times not to be rude and most of all if one falls asleep, how can he control? If the sleep does not permit him.

.. Now Sudip says———————————- Anyhow, today Bishan is going for an interview. On the bus, the next seat was occupied by an aged man. As usual he fell asleep, this time not touching his shoulder but very close.

Bishan got down and suddenly felt wet at the right sleeve of his shirt. Understood, while he was discussing the imagined conversation in his mind for the interview, the old man beside him has drooled totally on his crispy ironed shirt.

Disgusting and all spoiling he felt, went inside the salon. A lady helped him a lot. He removed his shirt, washed under the tap, the only sleeve and the lady dried it with hot blower on. He was in hurry.

This BIshan is little bit happy, though he cursed his friends and the man who drooled.

Two beggars came to him. He scolded them. Reaching the office, got the interview done. It was good.You do not know what would it be after all.

All messed up already. One lady from the interviewers group asked whether he is physically troubled or anxiety prone as she can see that even in the air conditioning he has sweated a lot. Ooh! What a mess.

He had to say “Yes, in the bus it was crowded.”

Thirty days passed, he met his friends and told them earlier he was on the right path and still that, if you give them an inch………………………………………………… Came home and got the joining letter. Thank god. Now drink water.

Thank you.


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