When It Hurts.

When it hurts,

It pains a lot.

The tears flows like “trot-trot-trot”.

The heart empties its sadness via the tears,

It gets refilled when the hurt comes back,

The pain lingers sometimes for a while, sometimes for a day,

Sometimes for a whole week and sometimes for the entire life.

Hurt acts like an old currency which is still valid yet not prominent.

Sometimes it leaves a mark, sometimes that mark gets washed with tears and sometimes with time.

Many say that time is the biggest healer. But that’s where they are mistaken.

It’s not time,it’s your own self which is the biggest healer of all.

If that fails, then God whom we all forget save at the time of needs and deeds,

He rains his mercy, forgiveness and love upon us and that helps us forget those pains,

Which seem to be non-existent.

When it hurts, the whole world revolves around us and it’s our parent’s love which keeps us going. Many a time a spouse’s true love also helps us, but true love is like dew. It vanishes before you can touch it.


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