Simplicity is God’s boon. Those who are simple, simplicity simply oozes out of them.

It can’t be moulded, can’t be dented and can’t be sold for any amount.

Anything which doesn’t over burden you, maintains self-respect and discipline is simplicity in its mediocre form. In its highest form, there wouldn’t be the need to identify whether someone is simple or simply maintains it for the sake of society or as an act.

One never need to be told about simplicity. Its in our ecosystem.  It’s the first thing attracts most of us. An uncomplicated gadget, an uncomplicated ecosystem, a fresh and beautiful air, nice and clean, these things don’t need telling about twice. They simply are and will be, provided man doesn’t change them.

But people do often change. That’s the time when simplicity simply leaves them and they act even dumber than donkeys.

For example:- You can have a breakfast of bread and jam, but you choose to have such a breakfast where you need to gobble up four building sized burgers and three gigantic pizzas and after you do so, you have to lie down on your bed, as you wouldn’t be able to move even an inch and may even have to call the doctor.

One can have two pens in your pencil box, even three at the most, but pens are such lucrative objects wherein people often end up keeping five-six pens in their box or in their bags.

Money, greed and lust often drives a person away from simplicity.

It’s good to be honest, to strive hard, to work hard and with that if you have simplicity in your jewel box then nothing better than it.


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