Shopping and Sightseeing For Dinner.

Hunger pangs are feelings which often leave a man with a nutty mind. Mind often wants the best for us but we seldom heed the good advices coming out of our own minds. Others and their brilliant minds frequently make the decisions for us without taking ours into consideration.

Dinner is a time when a person eats last meal of the day and it generally is full-fledged and complete family time.

Now, that’s where the fun begins. You take your family out for dinner and your wife tells you-“Can you take me to the sea beach?”

You take her to the sea beach. There she simply breathes in fresh air and freshens up her mind for thirty minutes.

As soon as you proceed towards the restaurant, your daughter sees a dress in a store front and requests you-“Father, can you buy me that dress?”

 Out of your fatherliness you take your daughter to the store, meanwhile hunger starts the Spanish dance in your stomach. Soon enough your wife and son also begin selecting things.

By the time the trio of your daughter, son and wife have finished shopping, the Spanish dance catapults Brazilian tango.

You reach the restaurant, where the sophistication is so high, that you wonder that whether you have come to learn mannerisms over here or to have food?

The waiter/ steward takes the order. Now the true wait begins. The Brazilian tango in your stomach changes into Russian ballet and when the food finally arrives you feel like singing an opera “Laa,   laaa, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Enough to rattle everyone in their minds and socks.

So, the man being the one who has to do everything for the family, had to go shopping and sightseeing for dinner. Later he ended up with acidity only to be scolded by his doctor that he had missed having his food on time.

Such is life! Dinner o Dinner. Where are you dinner?

Have fun and be happy.


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