Magic is a very big and great word.

Magic is a phenomenon. There is magic in everything.

It’s an art, of disguise, of illusion, of everything that is false.

Magic is a ride on a bus which never existed.

Magic is an image of nothing yet everything.

The word “magic” has been the part of our “lingua franca” since we were small.

Magic is of many types. But there are two types of magic. The first type of magic is normal magic, which we all know as magic portrayed by illusionists and magicians.

The second type of magic is the kind of magic which exists in our daily life.

When a small child is asleep and his mother calls out to him-“my darling son, please wake up”, the magic in those words are priceless.

An achiever, when he or she achieves his/her dream, the magic in that achievement is extreme.

The magic in a mountain is unbelievable. A huge white Himalayan mountain has such an aura that nothing can seem to exist when you stand in front of it except the chill.

The magic in seeing an exotic bird is rare.

The magic in scoring 100/100 in mathematics is supreme.

The magic in getting a promotion after a lot of hard work is full of happiness and cries.

The magic in tears of happiness is special.

The magic in getting approved for a tough to get visa is jubilant.

The magic in seeing a magician’s trick is truthful.

The magic on buying a car is driveable.

The magic on the seeing the prices of petrol and diesel going down is heart fulfilling.

The magic on having your favourite dish made by your mother is out of the world and “no words exist for it”.

The magic in seeing your children succeed is triumphant.

The magic in seeing an elephant trumpet is of awe.

The magic in writing a blog is brilliant and acknowledging.

The magic in seeing a dolphin swim is superb.

The magic in visiting a place of worship is divine and beautiful.

The magic in holding your new born baby for the first time is more beautiful than kindness, happiness and smiles all mixed together.

The magic in seeing an aeroplane fly is loud.

The magic in riding on a double decker bus is windy and cheerful.

The magic in seeing a good, clean and nice movie is relieving and mood relaxing.

The magic in travelling is unique, awe inspiring, great and good for soul.

The magic in having a nicely made pastry is delicious and beautiful.

The magic in having a soft loaf of bread with butter and sugar is appetite fulfilling with happiness and a smile.

The magic on hitting a six is full of self believe.

The magic on scoring a goal is full of adrenaline.

The magic in loving yourself is a magic which is in-built.

The magic in loving others is difficult.

Magic is magic. How you use it, how you pursue it, is your business. Know that wrong use of magic is full of downfalls and the good of use of it is justified and sometimes rewarding too.

Humans are born for hard work. When you weave your work with hard work, then the magic of good kind weaves into it and you flourish.

Magic exists in us and in fairies and pixies and other magical beings and objects. The only differences between us and them are knowledge, uses and need.

Be happy and see the magic in you and your work and in others too. Keep a lookout for the other kind of magic, such magical beings or objects.

The pixie next door is calling out for help, but I ain’t going. Who knows what the hell the matter is?


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