Crispy Tomato Soup and croutons sizzled with Peri-Peri.

Peri-Peri as we all know is a famous African culinary spice which spices up any dish on which it is added. So, recently we had gone out for some work, when we heard a man calling out aloud-“soup, soup, hot – hot soup”. We took a peek in the vessel in which he was preparing the hot soup and the soup’s colour was red. We asked him-“Is this tomato soup?” He simply nodded his head, as the soup was boiling furiously and a lot of steam was coming out of it. We told him to give us two bowls of it and he gestured (he had covered his face with a handkerchief, as the steam from the soup was causing him a lot of perspiration) us to sit on the nearby bench. We sat down on the bench. Nearly five minutes, he served us the soup and there were croutons in it. It tasted good, but the croutons were heavily loaded with spiciness. We asked him-“why are the croutons so spicy?”

He replied- “They are spicy because I have mixed them with peri-peri, to make the soup spicy.”

We were astonished to hear his reply and we avoided those croutons and tried to finish the soup as fast as we could. Immediately, from a nearby store, we had to buy two mango frooties to cool the spiciness of the soup.

Neither was our hunger satiated nor could we enjoy the soup. Drinking the soup felt like appearing for higher secondary examinations, where everything including time and hunger seems to go faster.




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