A Trader Who Eats And Sleeps.

There is a trader who only eats and sleeps.He can’t stay awake for long.

In ten hours of his business time, you would find either dozing or eating nuts or munching a bar of chocolate.

If you ask him, “Aren’t you interested in selling your wares?”

The trader would reply ” Please, let me sleep in peace.I am busy dreaming about my future stores.”

And people would leave him at that.

Later on his wife took over the store and it did good business. Atleast, it was better than being run by her sleepy husband.

Yet, you could find the trader sleeping in his shop.He used to sleep sitting on a chair in a corner of his shop.

Once his father-in-law visited the store and found him sleeping, while his daughter was running the store.

At night when the trader returned home, the father-in-law, threatened to take his daughter back home, if he didn’t stop sleeping and eating.

The trader was so afraid of his father-in-laws dictum, that from the next day, he kept on washing his face every half an hour to remain awake. He managed to run his shop. Though his yawning wouldn’t stop.

Why he was so scared of his father-in-law? I will write about it some other time.


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