Happy Teachers Day.

Happy Teachers Day.

Remember those school days and those overbearing teachers? Teachers who would scold at our small to light mistakes. Then there were teachers who would adore us or like or appreciate us for our victory over studies. These teachers are the persons who lay the basic foundations of our lives. Sometimes they do that knowingly and sometimes unknowingly and sometimes by mistake and sometimes unwantingly. More than half our childhood and teenage goes behind school and some teachers add more load to that  by giving all of us unnecessary and monotonous and boring homework; but those homeworks would also help us to understand the daily school lessons better. Though I personally feel we all are better off without homeworks. School is for studies and home is for own studies, playing and learning under the school provided by God Almighty to each and every child i.e. PARENTS. They are the best teachers ever made. They try to teach from their own experiences and they teach with love and care and seldom scold and their scoldings come as a blessing for us. Without parents’ grace, blessings and teachings, a child cannot grow nor can he learn. A mother is a child’s best teacher.A child be he or she a teenager, an adult or a big head honcho or a famous superhero, is completely dependent on their mother as a mom is a mom. Without ma’s blessings, teachings and help nothing in this world turns into success. For me, my mother is the best teacher in the whole world and very seldom do I find a teacher who teaches and understands the need of what is to be taught and in which way it has to be done, like the way ma does.  A student has to row his boat on his own and if he his lucky, then he might find that the teacher’s boat is showing him the way. Often teachers forget everything about their students, but a student rarely forgets his teachers as he often has to concentrate on the teacher’s teachings in the class whether he wants it or not. On the other hand, a teacher teaches many new batches of students every year and he or she may not remember even ten percent of the students he or she might have ever taught. They do have tough job.

I have been reminded by someone in an authoritarian rank, that there are students who never get to visit a class in their whole life and they never get a teacher to learn from. My answer to that authority is that God is everyone’s teacher and if your compass is pointing in the right direction, then your ship will reach it’s destination whether it has to pass through Cape Town or through Gibraltar or any other route, it depends on the wish and will of God. Let him guide, teach and help his children. None knows best save him. Three cheers for God Almighty- Hip Hip Hooray!

Teachers do try their best to help students but it often gets crushed under the heavyweights of their own dogmas, stigmas, daily routine and personal preferences. Spectacles keep on changing but the eyes remain the same. Capiche?

Happy Teachers Day to all of you.

Happy Teachers Day Ma and Baba.

Happy Teachers Day My Dearest God Almighty.


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