Royal Biryani and Malai Kofta Curry.


Yesterday, we had to go out, so I had requested ma to pack tiffin for us(me and ma), as it was deep in the afternoon and all restaurants and their chefs take a break from work and do all non culinary things during that time

So, ma took out two of my old tiffin boxes and they look alike and in my school they used to keep me motivated to go through the first few never ending and monotonous periods.After all it is tiffin for which we all go to school for.Otherwise schools are meaningless.

When I saw ma packing those two tiffin boxes, it felt as ma and me were both leaving for school. But our school days are long over.

So we left for our destination.Now as it happens, in the mid way I started feeling hungry.Since, the time we left home, most of my thoughts were focused on those tiffin boxes. I didn’t know what ma had packed for us. So mid way I asked ma -“Ma, can we have the tiffin right now?”

Ma-“Have you gone mad?”

I- “Ma,I am hungry.”

Ma-“You want to have your tiffin in the car?”

Me-“No, ma.But I am feeling extremely hungry.”

Ma-“Is it natural hunger or  is it tiffin based?”

Me-“It is tiffin based.”

Ma-“Eat this Five star chocolate at this moment and after we finish our work we shall have our lunch.”

Me-“Ma, what have you packed in the tiffin?”

Ma-“Just some rice and a curry.”


On hearing that ma had packed rice and curry for tiffin, my face fell and all my tiffin hopes were feeling as powerful as a deflated balloon.It felt as if all the air was punctured out of my tiffin hopes.I had hoped for something which was sort of a quick snack and  tangy and bit spicy and very very tasty. Upma, sandwiches, parathas fall in that category.

So, like a grumpy kid, I was in a floppy mood and grumpy during the visit to the place where we had gone. We finished our visit. There was a table and bench there.So, we sat down for our tiffin there and ma brought out those tiffin boxes.

When ma brought it out, I could see that it wasn’t rice that she had brought, but it was some other preparation altogether.I could see that from the transparent side of the tiffin box.

Me-“Ma, it doesn’t look like rice.It is some other preparation.


Ma opened the tiffin boxes. The tiffin boxes were divided into three chambers. The major chamber had chicken biryani in it and the minor chamber had malai kofta curry and the third chamber had cucumber in it.

Now, ma makes a very special chicken biryani and on top of it she adds fine saffron threads and garnishes it with cardamom,clove, cinnamon and coriander.

I was twice over the moon. Me-“Ma, you have made special biryani and malai kofta curry and you told me that in the tiffin box, there was only rice and curry.”

Ma-“To surprise you.I knew that you were expecting something special, so I told you that there was only rice and curry.”

Me-“But ma when did you make the biryani?”

Ma-“When you were reading the newspaper.”

Me-“But, not even once did I get the smell that you were cooking biryani.”

Ma-“That’s because the kitchen ventilation fan was on.”

Me-“Thank you, ma.”

Ma-“You’re welcome.Now have your tiffin cum lunch or it would get cold.”

I dug in and started eating the biryani.My lord.I was in bliss or in heaven, where in particular, I wasn’t sure off , but I was somewhere special where normal humans can’t reach without eating something as special as this biryani.

The malai kofta curry was so brilliantly made, that it felt that the ball had long been sixed out of the stadium and all the people were still looking for it.It was extremely soft.It was tender and superbly made and very relaxing to eat.Most people screw it up when they make malai kofta curries, but ma had made it perfectly.It was SUPREME and those cool cucumbers just made my day.Before I had finished my tiffin,I felt very sleepy and while going back home, I kept falling asleep and ma had to give me a push to wake me up.

After reaching home, I went to sleep and slept like a small baby and woke up after  four hours.Those moments eating and those hours sleeping were so precious, that even for a moment I wouldn’t lose them.


By Fabienkhan – personal picture, thanks to Shirine for the cooking, CC BY-SA 2.5,

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