Tiffin box

Tiffin Box.

A tiffin box is a child’s paradise.Without it, school doesn’t feel as school.The main thrill of going to school is the tiffin box.After the boring three or four lectures, as soon as the bell rings, there is a rush to bring out the tiffin box till the time it is opened and the wait is insane.Suppose, ma gives a tiffin box, which operates on lock and lock.One side of the lock is opening, but the other side is stuck there, those moments are really frustrating. By this time five precious minutes of break has gone away.At last the side lock opens and what do I see? Suji halwa with warm bread. Instantly I would dig in. My father is a bigger baby when it comes to tiffin boxes. On day ma had given him upma with tomatoes cut in between and by mistake she had given the spoon in his bag and not in his tiffin box. When dad came back home, he had a grumpy face.It was the next day morning, when he finally spoke up and like a small school going child started complaining to ma-“Yesterday you had given two big tomato slices in the tiffin box and you had forgotten to give a spoon as well”. Ma replied-“Tomatoes add a nice flavour and taste to upma and I had kept the spoon in your bag.” After that day ma has never ever given him tomatoes(sliced) in his tiffin box.

Ma used to give me suji halwa, idli, dosa, rice preparations in my tiffin box and it is the best thing about school. Tiffin is the only thing that I miss about those days. I will write more about tiffin box in the coming few days.




Image courtesy By nickd from Chicago, IL, United States – lunch boxes, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2243193

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