The Larch.

The big bell rang in my church, sitting on a larch, it is a marriage, all are clad in different pattern. I watch them daily when they come here, when they do their prayer.I am watchful everytime, I have seen their fear. They make and break everytime, they don’t spare me forever. The chidren are lost who are in heaven looking down in despair.

Image courtesy of Walter Siegmund (talk · contribs) – Own work, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=364486
Sitting under a Cherry Blossom tree.

Sitting under a Cherry Blossom Tree.

Have you ever seen a cherry blossom tree?Till now, I had only seen it during my school days. But at that time I didn’t know that. I would often sit under that tree and have my tiffin.The cherry blossom tree would be in full bloom during the winter season. Ma would wash my sweater with special care and I would try to take care of it,but by seating on the ground my sweater would sometimes get dirty.Ma would not scold me and used to wash it again and again.Sometimes, even baba would pitch in.

Once I was eating idli in my tiffin, when suddenly two pink flowers fell inside my tiffin box from the cherry blossom tree. I liked those flowers so much that I preserved them safely inside the tiffin box and after going home showed them to ma and baba.

Another day, we were given a free period by our English teacher and were asked to read our favourite text book outside on the grounds.So, I went and sat under my favourite tree and I was reading our literature text book, when a white chamomile fell inside the book and one on my head.I looked up and saw that two sparrows were sitting on a branch above and they had dropped those chamomile flowers on my book and on my head.That day when ma came to take me home, I took her to that tree and told her what had happened and showed those two flowers to her.She asked me to keep them safely and to never lose them.Till date, I haven’t lost them.Many a times I had heard that “cherry blossom tree this and cherry blossom tree that” but never had the opportunity to see one.

A day came when we got the chance to go to the botanical garden and there under the tree, it was written “cherry blossom tree”.Immediately, I told ma-“ma this is cherry blossom tree? Our school used to have this, do you remember?” Ma replied-“Yes, I do.That’s where you used to sit and have your tiffin.”

I was very happy that a cherry blossom tree was an integral and important part of my life.

Sometimes life leaves such golden moments and trails behind, that the moment when we look back at life’s happenings to take a stock, we see God holding our hands and guiding us and making sure that we don’t fall down.


Image Courtesy By TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) – Sakura and Moss Pink / 桜(さくら)と芝桜(しばざくら), CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7996449