See, If You Can Win it, Begin with X.

Complete the tic tac toe and have fun and begin with X.



I Went To An Island.

I Went to an island,

There were great chips over there.

The drinks, especially the mocktails,

Were superbly made.

I went to an island,

It was a place to dream,

But it was in truth,

In real.

Playing volleyball over there felt authentic,

So did the sea.

Didn’t go for a boat ride,

Or for surfing,

But it was more than enough for me.

I went to an island,

Which was free,

But Ah!

Here lies the trick,

For the moment I opened my eyes,

The dream ended,

And I realized,

That island which is free,

Exists only in dreams,

Where money doesn’t matter at all.



An Extra Pair Of Pants.

Before you travel, do carry an extra pair of pants in case you are going for a short journey. Such as an day trip or one night, two days trips. Many people pack light for such journeys and then end up regretting their preferences.

On long journeys, make sure that you have atleast four pair of shirts and pants in your luggage with you.

The days have changed. Earlier people would carry four to seven suitcases for “Just in case”, in case any requirement arises. Now, with a small backpack, men and women are out there to win the world. After that it’s the mother who have to wash their smelly and forever used cloths.