Eating a Bagel Pastry.

Bagels are round puffy doughnut shaped dough balls, that eaten as snacks, generally in the evening. To make them more funkier, ma made bagel pastry; for me.

Bagel pastry is long sliced pastry with bagel sandwhiched in between. The pastry was pineapple pastry and in between was a puffed up bagel which tasted great with the subtle hint of flavours which were of garlic and lemon. And in between the layers of the bagel ma had added gracious amounts of butter.

Believe my whole day was made. Ever since she has made them for me, atleast once daily I ask ma-“ma, when are you going to prepare the bagel pastry again?”

While having the bagel pastry I felt like dancing around the house, be it any mode-Hip Hop, beat dancing, break dance, pop music dance etc.

Bagel pastries which ma had made are the only sort of bagel which you don’t want to have with tea, as my tea is generally sweet and the bagel pastry was sweet too.

Ma has promised me, that she will make the bagel pastry soon for me and this time it won’t be pineapple. It would be strawberry with raspberry topped on it.