Mailing a letter.

Letter writing, letter posting are a thing of the past. Days have gone by and such is the situation that people hardly even read massages sent to them on mobile or on any social media network, now a days.

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When I was a child, there used to be a spree of energy behind writing a letter. First of all the letter had to be written with grace, formalities and in proper grammar of the language in which it was written. Then came the subject of asking about of each and everyone’s health and well being in the letter.

One could then continue writing the main content of the letter and at the end of it wishing everyone good health and offering salutations, one could sign off.

There are two main points in writing a letter. Firstly, it has to be written on a clean and nice paper such as on a writing pad or on a clean A4 size paper. Then you had to post it in a clean and new envelope. Many people have the habit of posting letters in older envelopes by simply striking off the previous addresses or by pasting a new piece of paper over the older writings.

Sometimes what used to happen is, after writing the letter very carefully, envelopes couldn’t be found anywhere in the house. You could turn the whole house upside down, but do whatever you may, it still won’t be found.

Then on the way to the post office, you could buy an envelope right inside the post office. After finishing all this heavy loaded work, one had to stand in the magnanimous and overcrowded line of people. Then when your number came, you could post it by specifying the method in which you wanted to send your letter. Normal letters used to take atleast a week to reach the recipient so, we starting posting letters by using speed post, which would generally deliver within a day or two. Sometimes,we would send birthday cards to my maternal grandmother, by using a renowned courier service and the birthday card would reach her after two days later and in those days, the main point of availing courier service was that they would deliver it on time and safely, so they were a preferable mode for sending items or cards.

We had bought a bunch prepaid postcards and envelopes, wherein you could simply write the letter and post them in the post boxes which were placed outside the post offices or at some definite places in and around the city. Then came a time when you couldn’t directly post them into post boxes, as to send your letter earlier you had to register the post and you would be given a slip in return conforming your payment. Once, the que to get the letter registered was so long, that when our turn came, I was very grateful that God was merciful and we were able to get our letter registered and I broke into a dance, celebrating our success.

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The lot of energy spent behind posting a letter and that era had nearly gone away. All that remains now are the memories, as there is no one left to whom we could post any letter or nor anyone left from whom we could receive a postage letter. The letter envelopes used to serve as a great source of collecting stamps. Sometimes heritage is all that remains, rest all is plain thin air floating in one’s mind as reminiscence of the good ol’ days.

After all LOL is the fave of all.

So I am signing out LOL!


P.S. LOL is laughing out loud.