Italy was formed on…………..

Italy the beautiful country,

Is a country of rich heritage,

Of Gondolas,

Of fashion,

Was formed on 17 March 1861, but then it was a Kingdom.

On 2 June 1946 it became a republic.

N.B.- Today is Lord Meher Baba’s birthday. He is the Lord Of the Universe. His name was Merwasn Sheriar Irani.
He was born on 25 February 1894.



Find It Out- When was Italy formed?

The world famous country Italy is known for many things especially love and its Mediterranean food.

It’s a beautiful country too.

Has a vast and rich culture and heritage.

But do you know that when was Italy formed?

Find it out.

In my next post I would give the answer.



Brewing and Spitting Mount Etna.

Mount Etna located on the marvelous and mind boggling island of Sicily in Italy has been active since time for ever.It is the most active volcano in Europe. But for the past two to three weeks, it has been erupting over and over again with volumes of smoke, fire and lava spewing out of it. With the eruption, mild tremors have been occurring too. Devastation has happened at a large scale, which was unprecedented in the near about past times.

Mount Etna is an active volcano in the European region, but such activities where volcanoes would be erupting continuously were heard or seen rarely even in the last decade. With changes in the seismic plates of the earth, all sorts of natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flood are incessantly arising.

Sometimes beautiful places are situated right over places of earthly vulnerabilities and the places which are located above high seismic zones are forever under earthquake or tsunami warning. Even a minor tremor can send the whole ecology and bio-system running helter-skelter over there.

Such is nature, a place which is beautiful and a tourist hot spot too, can be a place which harbours natural disasters is a wonder and surprise which only nature can preserve, show and explain.