Please Do Carry An Umbrella While Eating Idli Outside.

Why would I suggest you all to carry an umbrella while you are going out to have idli? Just hear me out. It might be helpful to you to listen to my delicious, tantalizing and a bit sad idli story. By the time you have finished reading this post, I hope to promise you that either you will be laughing or shaking your head in agreement/disagreement or simply just be logging out of my post.

Idli is a famous South Indian dish and it is available all over the world. Believe me, it is available in places or countries where you won’t even expect it to be there in even in your wild dreams.

So, continuing about the umbrella. Umbrella is a very essential commodity. Some carry a small umbrella if they think that they need it only for ten minutes. Office goers prefer medium sized ones and people going for long walks, carry larger umbrellas.

Now rains mostly play the game of hide and seek with humans. The moment you think that there will be no more rain and go out into the happy and shining sun and wait for the bus or taxi, exactly at that moment, Mr.Rain will come down on you. Even be it a drizzle. It is like sprinkling of salt on a stick of corn. Sometimes it feels really disgusting.

So, few days ago we went outside for work, when we decided to have some idli from a idli seller. The moment we had dipped our idlis in the chutney and were about to eat it, right at that moment rains started pattering on the roofs of ours head. We had to run and take shelter and standing under the shelter, we gobbled up our idlis. I swear on anything, that it was such an experience which I never want to have again. First of all our hunger wasn’t satiated, we hadn’t carried our umbrellas and the rains fell for a good ten minutes. It felt as if rain was waiting to catch us unprepared. Can you believe it? Idli is such delicious food item and before even having a first bite, rains spoiled everything.

Looking towards heaven, high up in the sky, I called out to my friend ( I have a friend or two over there),”Dude, did it have to happen just now?” I kept on looking towards heaven for a minute or two, but there was no reply from there. I guess God and him were also busy eating idlis, but sans the rains.

See Yaaa!

Image courtesy By Photographed & marked by Pratheepps – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=688022

The Men Selling Idli and vada with chutney.


It is raining, raining and raining. It’s like drizzle of olive oil on pasta. Once it is there and once it is not.

Idli and vada are the general fast food in India. People on the go, like to have it because it is quick, fast and smooth enough to eat and digest, plus the vada is crunchy and fills the appetite. People generally sell idli and vada on carts or small food trucks, but there are many who carry the utensil containing idli, vada, etc., on their head and go from place to place and sell them to people. They even shout sometimes-“idli,idli,idli, vada ,vada, vada.Sasta idli, sasta vada”. Sasta means cheap in Hindi.

Today, I saw two men going across our street and trying to sell the idlis and vadas and three or four people came and bought idli from them. The men took out the steaming hot idli and served them with chutney on a banana leaf.

They keep the idlis and vadas wrapped in banana leaf in set of twos, so that it remains hot and ready for sale and chutneys are given in small packets which are sealed, so that when they serve to the customers, it is less messy. Four apparent office goers were having their idli and vada relishingly when it started raining again and they had to run for cover.

The men instantaneously got up and placed the utensils containing idli and vada on their head and started walking at a rapid pace to some other place.Generally what happens is, when it starts raining people, vendors, sellers, etc., run and take cover in a shop or somewhere else. But these two men started walking in the rain. Though the rain was mild, it was an astonishing sight for me. Maybe they were going home or they themselves were hungry and needed a sovereign break to eat and rest.After all earning money is not the ultimate thing.




Image courtesy By Photographed & marked by Pratheepps – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=688022