See The Morning.

See the morning,

Fragrant with freshness.

See the day,

In light of its happiness.

See the sky,

The birds flying in their might.

See yourself,

As the rising star of the humanity.

See the morning,

It is fresh and new,

With much diversity and love.

See it in prospect of new things,

And be well versed with it,

As times have now changed,

But there is a little hope that humanity wouldn’t.

But still, it is a tiny hope.

See the morning,

And rise.


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Beauty And Carnation.

Beauty and carnation,

Is combined together,

For beauty and prosperity.

Beauty and carnation,

Is made by the nature,

And crafted by God,

To give another gift to the humanity,

Which often loses itself,

But tries to wake up,

When the self and the realization calls them up.



The Prayer Of Parvardigar.

Parvardigar is praying to Himself,

“Be kind and be mankind.”

In his call I can listen,

He is praying to all insane.

To regain their humanity.

He was praying only to bow to them,

As every kind is God,

The air, the light, the smell,

The food, the wife, the children,

The husband, even the work place, all colleagues,

The home and the bed are the same with Almighty God.

Parvardigar closed his eyes. Few drops of tears when he shed,

Believe that he is there indeed,


And indeed he is dead.