A Big Tree Went To Meet A Rat-2

A Big Tree Went To Meet A Rat-2

Mr.Big Tree had told Mr.Rat that a group of “pirate” mice were planning to attack his town.

Few days back, their leader had held a meeting at the ground near Mr. Big Tree’s foot and discussed his plans.

This was the secret upon hearing which Mr.Rat had shivered up.

In a scared voice Mr.Rat asked Mr.Big Tree “What shall we do now old friend?”

Mr.Big tree replied-“Lets call upon my friend Sir Elephant. He is intelligent and can give you some good advice.”

Soon Sir Elephant came to meet his old friend Mr.Big Tree, and was apprised of the problem.

Hearing it all Sir Elephant said-“It’s very simple. You all are simply worrying.”

Mr.Rat-“Sir Elephant, is it. I am very scared.”

Sir Elephant-“Oh! Those pirate mice have been caught before.”

Mr.Big Tree-“How my old friend?”

Sir Elephant-“There are two ways.”

Mr. Rat-“What are the ways?”

Sir Elephant-“Let them come and we shall teach them a lesson.”

Saying so Sir Elephant went away to make some preparations.

In the meantime, the news spreaded that a group of pirate mice were planning to attack, the rat town and everyone remained vigilant.

They had locked down their houses.

Sir Elephant came with the preparations.

He said to all –“No need to worry.Everything has been taken care off.”

The rats weren’t assured.

Seeing their grumpy and doubtful faces, Sir Elephant said-“Come and see”.

He asked them to follow him.

Mr.Big Tree, Sir Elephant, Mr.Rat took the lead and other rat villagers followed them.

Upon walking nearly half kilometer, they found a group of pirate mice tied up, by the animal police force.

All the villagers were astonished. They gathered around Sir Elephant and said-“Sir, how did this happen. How could you make it possible?”

Sir Elephant-“It was very simple. Mice are very scared of lights. In the dead of the night, they were coming to attack your village, so the moment they approached our location we threw water on them and when they were looking here and there for source of the water, we turned on the halogen lights, while the rat cops had the protective sunglasses on. The pirate mice started running here and there, as they were blinded with the white lights, and we caught and tied them up with iron chains so that they don’t break free of it.”

Sir Elephant said-“Do not bow before me. It could all happen due to Mr. Big Tree efforts and quick thinking.”

The villagers then profoundly thanked Mr.Big Tree.

But that wasn’t all.

Watch out for more.


A Big Tree Went To Meet A Rat.

A Big Tree Went To Meet A Rat.

A big tree went to meet a rat.The rat wasn’t at home. Neither was his wife.

His children were playing football, when the big tree, stood firm and asked-“Where is your father?”

The eldest of the them replied-“He has gone to the market.”

“Alright, I will wait for him, over here.Could anyone of you get me a glass of water to drink?”

A small rat scrambled to get Mr. Big tree a glass of water.

The glass of water wasn’t sufficient for him, so he asked for another glass.”

The small child rat brought another one for him. After drinking water from the glass, Mr. Big Tree wiped his face and thanked them.

After fifteen minutes or so, the father and the mother rat returned.

The father rat was overjoyed to see his old friend standing there that he dropped his shopping bags and went over to hug his friend.

Mr.Rat couldn’t hug him as Mr. Big Tree was huge but he let down a long branch of his for Mr.Rat to hug, and Mr.Rat did so.

Mr. Big Tree-“Hello, Ratty, it is wonderful to see you.”

Mr.Rat-“Old friend, it’s nice to see you too.”

And he hugged Mr.Big tree branch again very tightly.

Tree asked the rat to climb up it’s branch and whispered something in his ears.

Hearing the secret, the rat shivered up.

What was it?

Watch out for the reveal in my next post.