In One’s Faith To Themselves.

black hippopotamus on green grass

In one’s faith to themselves,

Let it be clear,

That happiness is of utmost importance,

To play,

To sing,

To be,

To simply exist.

Don’t deviate from happiness or,

It will be monotonous, boring and drudgery.

Be good,

Do good,

Don’t harm anyone and

In your faith you shall survive and even may prosper.



In Lord’s Mightiness.

In Lord’s mightiness,

A student studies working hard to secure marks,

In Lord’s mightiness,

A mother gives birth to a baby.

In Lord’s mightiness,

Heritage structures were made which still command glory.

In Lord’s mightiness,

The sun goes around,

All the planets grow and fall.

In Lord’s mightiness,

Humans go about their daily life,

It is such intricacy which makes Lord,

The beloved,

The king

And the truest soul of all (Though not, but it is, yet it is not as no one believes it.)

As we pray, God starts singing,

With it the trees blossom in full,

Though it sways birds nests are kept in place.

The grass become quiet as they want to listen to the song.

He shows us the way and we get back our faith.

Ma cooks good food,

Baba remains serious about economic matters.

Though hard are the days,

His song gives us strength.

A pack of birds just flew away,

Now I can see that a bus is running in its full speed

And it is going to its destination and we are all for our destiny.



The Secret Of God.

I write about God’s love.

Many things, I have had so much of him.

But please,believe me for God’s sake,

That he belongs to everybody and

Is present everywhere.

But you will make your face like,

What is new in it?

These lines we have heard many times.

But when needed,

God is busy somewhere else.

But it is belief,that makes God your only friend.

That day in the heavy rain,one string of my umbrella was bent.

It made me manage the rain impossible with my school bag on.

I was looking for a repairing man,

Went shop to shop,

But couldn’t get anyone.

The rain poured more heavily.

I felt like crying and I opened my broken umbrella.

And lo! It is perfectly alright.

All strings are in place.

I was stunned.

Though I was calling God,

I couldn’t believe that he was present in this rain.

One small boy who was completely wet,

Came and asked me-“Will you take me under your umbrella?”

God is present everywhere.

My small contribution made him happy.