Bright Roses On a Sunny Day.

Gardens are everywhere. But rose gardens are rare. You will hardly find any. Artificial rose plants or artificially coloured roses are sold at every nook and corner of a city and they are costly too. One can buy a double breakfast by the amount spent behind a single rose.

In a town, a big garden opened up and within it was the gardener’s residence. At first it was barren, but with time and effort, he managed to fill the periphery of his residence with flower plants. After a month or two, the flowers started coming out and as days passed by, people would come and take a look at his flowers. We used to spend our evenings in the garden and on a day when the school was closed for some reason, we went to the garden at ten o’clock in the morning. The sun was glowing brightly, and we were playing with a ball and our ball rolled across and went near the rose plantation. We went to pick up the ball and there those splendid roses struck us. Roses of red and a subtle red colour were planted galore in rows and at both the ends, roses of yellow and light pink colour were planted in four flower pots side by side, making it a wonderful collection.

The rays and light from the sun was falling on the roses and those roses were glistening and shining very brightly. We were simply in awe. We had never seen anything such beautiful as this. It simply took our breath away. For few minutes we felt as if we were standing in the garden in Almighty’s heaven.

After collecting our ball, we started playing again and while going back home, we visited the roses once again and they were still blossoming and blooming with love and care of God Almighty.

bright rose on a sunny day.png

The day was truly sunny and the roses were magnificent to be looked upon.