Brewed Coffee
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Roasted Sesame Bagel With A Cup Of Brewed Coffee.

The rainy weather comes in splashes and rain drops and in many forms and formats and with it, it brings an uncanny desire to have something tangy while watching the outside rain.

Just imagine the weather turning rainy and the sky a darker shade of grey. Thunder rumbles across the sky and at a distant place you can see the lightning come down on earth. The chill of the weather enwraps you and you feel the need of a subtle heaters’ heat. That moment is the precise time to have a roasted sesame bagel with a cup of strongly brewed coffee. It is best enjoyed with evening rains. The coffee shouldn’t be bitter otherwise a remnant taste of the coffee would be lingering in your mouth.

Don’t forget to thank yourself for enjoying those moments in the self.

Pat yourself on the back for taking the busy time out of your daily schedule to enjoy the rains.


N.B. –With one roasted bagel none of our hearts and tummies are ever filled. At least two to four bagels should be had to feel the satisfaction of having had a bagel in monsoon.