In The Sunlight.

In the sunlight,

I saw the dawn

The sky was rising,

Beholding a new sun.

The love was new,

So were the stars.

The night had gone out,

And the day had taken over.

In the sunlight,

I saw the birds flying towards their destiny.

There was a white bird,

As beautiful as the glowing white rose.

In the sunlight,

I called out to God,

For there was everything,

Only the night was missing.

The darkness had vanished,

The new light,

Bought in that freshness,

That I could feel it was a new beginning.



The Bud Has Not Yet Opened.

The bud has not yet opened.

It is waiting for the sunlight.

The flower is stretching its hand to bloom,

But the bud is yet unripened.

The bud has not yet opened,

It will,

Once it is fully ready.

The boy who had planted the seed,

Watches it,

Takes care of it,

Plays with it,

And keenly and whole heartedly waits for the day,

When the bud shall open,

The flower like the morning sun,

Slowly-slowly shall open up.




Courage is a quality which very few have. With determination anything can be achieved. But courage is another thing.

In any adverse situation, the ability to buck up and fight back is courage.

For example:- a child knows that his parents are not able to pay for his school fees. If they do so, they would have to cut down on food, they would have to buy second hand uniforms and books and the child has to struggle a lot.

But the child knowing all of these, doesn’t care a bit and wants to go to school. He goes to school,learns the subject and undergoes a good amount hardship, simply to tally up between his home and school.

That definitely is courage.

To speak up against evil is courage.