A Lotus In A Pond.

A poem

A lotus in a pond,

Standing for ages,

Lone in the blue water,

Waited for a friend.

But there were no other being in the pond,

Except a few fishes.

Now one day,

God happened to be walking by

And he was in a good mood,

He saw the all alone lotus.

He waved his hand,

The effect was stupenduous.

The whole pond bloomed with lotuses and water lilies and many small water flowers and fishes of different colours.

The lotus which was alone before,

Became so happy that it radiated so brightly

And it glowed much.

The lotus lived happily with its friends.



A Notion.

A notion,

Produces many bubbles in a mind.

It helps determine some facts in life,

Whether they are right or wrong,

Depend on the facts itself,

And the truth behind it.

A notion,

May create some false impressions,

While the lasting good may be got with,

By staying with the correct one.

Notion is after all a notion,

There is no meaning in running after it.

But the correct ones bring in everlasting good in life.



Top Up Of Rs.70.

Top up of Rs.70,

Gives some data benefits,

And calling eligibility for around thirty minutes.

I don’t mind buying this plan,

Till the time work can be done.

But the moment the voice calling and data plan gets over,

It really sucks,

It pains the heart.

What about those glorious days when seventy rupees would get you much?

Well those days are long gone.

Now you need to buy big packs to survive your phone plan for long.

This is my sentiment.

Phone bills should be as cheaper as possible.



Moisturizing Cream.

Moisturizing crean have been doing a lot of business since many years, but their development and growth has rocketed during the last ten years.

Now they are more in business, since keeping the skin nourished and supplemented is now paramount.

A moisturizing cream means a cream which will keep the body moisturized and healthy.

Keep yourself moisturized and maintain a happy skin.