The Unbearable Pain ( Poetry).

The unbearable pain,

Seems to lessen.

But, I don’t know why?

It takes so much time to heal,

As if, it is a reminder of the pain itself.

But wonder of wonders,

The drizzle of the first rain,

Can wipe many a tear,

And with it love blossoms.

The unbearable pain,

Dismisses itself for a longer time.

It is happiness which rains,

That’s what the beauty of it is.



A Broken Heart. (Poetry)

A broken heart,

A broken soul.

A broken mind,

Which isn’t a fool.

A broken jinx,

For the love I care.

A broken thought,

With no repair.

A love down the drain,

As autumn winds,

It comes from a blessed soul,

Who has no wings.

Please don’t despair.

Please don’t cry,

Have a piece of chocolate,

For the day tomorrow,

Pleas bring in a bright new sky😄.