A Lost Pen.

A lost pen,

In a lukewarm economy,

Doesn’t affect anyone in the least.

People buy another pen.

Hardly anyone ever looks back.

If sentiments are associated with it,

Heart cries for the lost pen.

It feels as if one has lost an old friend.

After sometime,

A miracle happens,

When suddenly that lost pen is found,

And all happiness comes back,

And the jubilation of the heart, mind and soul is unlimited.

If the pen is truly dear to the one who has lost it,

Then that person will keep it with him or her for a day or two,

Like a secret which is to be kept a secret and is held covertly and is hidden from all.

A precious gem from your treasury was lost and you have found it back, that is the feeling that emanates from such happenings.

Be happy and do write with your old pen,

They are more valuable than hidden treasures.


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