A Fun Toy.


A fun toy,

And a teddy bear,

Became school mates.

The toy school,

Was huge,

Built by the toy king himself.

The fun toy,

Was really weak at maths,

And the teddy bear would often doze off at each class.

Both had their tiffin together and believe me,

Their tiffins consisted of bread butter,

Tomato sandwiches, ladoos, munchies,

Hamburgers, macaroni and cheese,

And long rolls of lengthy candies.

It was their tiffin box,

After which everyone hankered,

And sometimes big-big teachers would come and request them to share their food with them.


The toy king invited them for lunch.

They went and bowed before the king,

And had lunch with him.

The king presented them with two big and beautiful tiffin boxes.

That gave them immense popularity,

And they remained best friends for the rest of their life.


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