A Beautiful Tiffinbox.

A beautiful tiffin box,

Filled my heart with all happiness.

It brought back those happy memories,

Where during those boring lectures,

I could dream off about having nice and delicious tiffin,during recess.

That beautiful tiffin box made me reminisce about that golden time when school going had a broader perspective of having tiffin,

Without any worries about studies.

Ma would pack me various different tiffins such as idli, dhokla, dosa, poha, bread jam,rotis and sometimes sweets.

And there was another joy of having tiffin,

Of waiting for it,

And when recess came,

The best part was of eating up half of the tiffin and then waiting for the second recess to come.

These memories make me wonder,

Whether one should have his or her breakfast in a tiffin box simply to be happy, peaceful and to render a bit of their childhood in day to day working and happenings.


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