History As A Student.

History is fine,

It has gone out for shopping.

It took money from its piggy bank,

To buy a new book of history .

But its money fell short,

So it bought a big burger with that money

And chomping upon it,

It had very good thoughts,

That it had passed the school final ecams with full marks.

Afterall History too forgets itself,

And often loses marks,

In a subject,

As a student,

Which it owns.

Well, its mother was not pleased at all,

As history needed to study hard in its subject,

So history’s mother made it go out again,

With a strict warning,

That if it makes a mistake this time,

Even dal roti would be a far off dream for it.

So history went out again,

But this time it didn’t make any mistake and bought the correct book of history.

History passed in its subject by one extra mark and was given a treat of chocolates.

Next year, it cried to its parents to replace history with any other subject.

Afterall it too wanted freedom.


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