A Chair Complains.

A chair nearly five years old,

Was fed up with its master.

One day it got up and went straight to its boss and said-“Enough have I served you.Now give me rest.”

The master was stunned to hear the chair speak and stared at it dumbfounded.

The chair continued-“You keep on saying that I am useless.For tbe last five years I have been serving you continuously, without any disruption.Much better than any broadband or internet service provider.My cushion knows my condition and my legs have nearly crumbled under your unrelenting weight.”

The master pinched his cheeks to check whether he was hallucinating or not.

The chair came forward and made a demand. ” Now either keep me aside or place me near the window so that I can look outside and be happy ☺.”

The master couldn’t understand what wss happening and as the chair came forward, the master came and picked it up and kept it near the window.

Thus the chair spent a happy life and never ever was it unhappy again.



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