A Stone Rolling Down A Micro Hill.

A stone was rolling down a micro hill when he met a bush nearly as big as the hill.

The hill was in a bad mood that day as his back ws scratching and his wife had gone out of town to meet her second cousin sister.

The stone-” Are you angry sir?”

The hill-“Yes, because my wife has gone out of town to meet with her second cousin sister.”

The bush came in between and said-” Oh!”

The hill -“What do you mean by Oh!?”

The stone-“Nothing except that,you said to your wife that her second cousin is more lovelier than her other cousins.”

(The hill and his wife had an argument before and the bush was a witness to it).

The stone-“Excuse me sir, isn’t it unpardonable to say that one particular cousin is lovelier than the others.It raises a serious doubt in one’s mind.”

The hill-“I said that because she was not making dimsums for me.”

The bush-“Well sir, your comment is gonna cost you a diamond necklace, a lot of pleadings and promises worth a million.”

The hill made a grumpy face and kept getting redder and redder.

While the stone moved on to its destination and the bush started reading a book.


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