A Boy Walking Down The Beach.

A Boy Walking Down The Beach.

A boy was walking down the beach,

His home was nearby.

It was very early in the morning,

And the blue sea was gushing beneath his legs.

He looked up,

And was most astonished.

What had he seen?

A blue sun.

He rubbed his eyes,

And looked up again,

It was the same.

This happened five to six times with him.

Atlast, he washed his face with the clean beach water,

Thinking that he was not seeing properly,

As he had gone for a walk,

Just after getting up from his sleep.

And looked up again,

And this time he saw a yellow sun.

He called his mother,

Who was sleeping,

And asked her to look at the sun,

She came at the balcony,

And found the rising yellow sun.

She was bewildered,

And asked him why had he called her?

He said “Nothing Ma.”

His mother went back to her peaceful sleep.

Covering his eyes,

He looked at the sun,

And asked “Lord Sun,

Correct me if I am wrong,

But few minutes back,

Weren’t you completely blue in colour?”

Lord Sun smiled,

And even shied a bit.

He replied-“Don’t tell anyone,

It’s a secret between you and me.

Actually, I live near the beach,

And yesterday, I had bought a blue soap,

So, to be fresh and happy,

I had my face scrubbed with the blue soap,

And forgotten to wash it off.

In between you saw me,

And I appeared blue completely.

Please don’t tell anyone.”

The boy replied-“I won’t Lord Sun,

It’s a secret between you and me.”

And gleefully the boy went back home.

Lord Sun high above all,

Giving happiness and brightness to each and everyone.


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