A Little Girl's Frock

A Girl And Her Frock.

A little girl,

Aged about 7 years,

Had got a new frock😄.

But her friend too had a new frock.

It was bright pink in colour,

And looking at her friend’s new frock.

She felt sad.

She had felt because her friend had said that the little girl’s frock was not pretty.

She went to her mother,

And with a fallen face,

She said-“Ma is my frock not beautiful?”

Her mother replied-” It is truly beautiful.”

The girl -“Ma my friend has a new frock and she has said that it is not as pretty as hers.”

Her mother -“But I am saying that it is very beautiful. “

These words of her mother’s, brought a smile to her face.

Her mother further said-“Do you know that I have a new gown. I would wear it soon and what if on seeing it your friend’s mother says that my gown is more beautiful than hers?”

The girl😜👧 -“Then Ma, there shall be no one more happier than me, for you are the best of the best.”

And saying so she hugged her mother tightly.


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