Zzzzz And Think.

Zzzzz And Think.

Zzzzz and think.

It is time to write a new link.

The link must be fresh and without creeps,

Zzzzz and think.

In the morning,

Have a fresh glass of lemon mint juice.

In the afternoon,

Do good for your stomach,

And eat right.

Then Zzzzz and think.

Wake up in the evening,

And have a hearty meal,

Play and read a book,

Before dinner time is in.

Have your dinner,

With gusto,

For it’s bedtime,

And there’s much to be thought.

Well leave aside all the thoughts,

For it is now time to snooze,

And snoozing requires,

Patience, peace and tranquility.

Snooze until the sun shines upon your teeth,

And before the morning breakfast,

Zzzzz and think.

Who knows?

What may be the result of that?

Maybe a new freshly made stylish breakfast!

Or a pair of new stilettos.


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