Creativity needs a spire,

Of thought,

Of happiness,

Of ideas,

Of beauty,

Of love,

And of inspiration.

To grow upon.

It needs to be strong.

Creativity is not a magic act,

Done in seconds.

It’s not as instant as instant noodles.

First of all, it needs heart.

Secondly, it needs focus.

Thirdly, a desire to create something.

Fourth it needs time.

Creativity is God’s grace and boon.

For without him,

The “C” of creativity wouldn’t exist,

Neither would humans,

Nor anything which we know of.

As a creator creates,

So does the “CREATOR”.

The relation is symbiotic.

The main difference is that,

His work is infinite, brilliant, superb, excellent, perfect, meaningful and full of love.

This writing is an ode to him.


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