A Cake For Desert., Poetry

A Cake For Desert.

“A Cake for desert,

Which one shall it be Ma?

Shall it be pineapple?

Or Butterscotch?

Or chocolate?

All of these are very common Ma.

Please, make a chocolate truffle cake for me, with vanilla cream in between.”

Ma smiled-“Today I have already prepared pineapple pastries,

And I am short of milk cream.

Get me the cream tomorrow and you shall have your chocolate truffle cake.”

“Ma can I have thin chocolate wafers on the cake? Please.”

Ma said yes.

Can you imagine my delight?

From the moment Ma has said yes,I have already have had my chocolate truffle cake.

Since that moment frequently I have been dancing around the house

 shouting –“MAAAAAAAAAA, I want my cake, I want my cake.”


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