A Small Part.

A boy had a small part in a drama company.

He would work there as an apprentice.

He was called Bob.

Bob became my friend.

His mother and father were both actors,

And there was an elephant in the zoo,

Who was quite famous.

Bob asked his parents to take him to the zoo on his birthday.

His parents agreed.

I didn’t tell him that the man of the zoo was my friend.

When Bob’s birthday arrived,

He didn’t know that he was in for a surprise.

He went there with his parents,

But the exhibit where the elephant was usually kept was empty.

Bob was about to look crest fallen,

When he heard the trumpet sound from his back.

Bob turned back and saw that the elephant was wearing a birthday cap,

And had extended his trunk to wish Bob a happy birthday.

A big party had been arranged at the zoo.

The giraffe, the birds,

The lions, the tigers,

Each and everyone chimed him to wish him a happy birthday.

The elephant chomped on a bunch of bananas,

And after a while he was taken back to his exhibit.

Bob had his best birthday ever.

He went to become a zoo keeper himself.


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