Consciousness means world. Surprising isn’t it. Whatever you are conscious of, you are aware of.

If you aren’t, then it all means zilch-zero.

Consciousness entombs the fragrance of a beautiful rose, the sight of the bright sun, the aroma of an excellent food item.

It has the whole world in your sphere.

It is basically a way of seeing the world, in the way it is shown.

While making a pastry, you can’t see the cohesion of the ingredients but it is happening.

So, it isn’t a part pf your consciousness, yet it is. For when the pastry sets together and is fully prepared, then only you can have it. So, your consciousness is aware that the pastry is made and it is ready for consumption but you can’t see the inner micro details of each and every molecule of the pastry.

That’s a common place where consciousness can’t reach directly. It can if you take a tiny piece of that pastry and place it under a high power microscope, you would be able to see the finer details of it.

Your gastric system is supposed to be running up and fine. The moment it gives away, you have to run to the toilet, to………………………. So, till that of giving away, you were conscious that all was well, yet it happened. Maybe too much oily food or some stale left over food from the refrigerator.

However,that’s what consciousness is. It is very limited, yet superfine, yet unaware of most things and specifically of the beautiful things existent in this world.


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