Love is not bound by destiny.

Neither is it bound by desires.

Love is more than being unconditional.

It is not cheeky,

It doesn’t go by lust.

Love is not free.

For anything free,

Brews up a question?

“Indeed! Why is it free?”

Love is more than God.

Love is that natural sleep,

Which washes away all of your pain,

Your inner sadness,

And takes into that world whose key,

Is with no one.

Not even with God.

That’s why he says-“love me.”

Love is inexplicable.

It is unspeakable.

It is. It is. And it is.

It is that mojo,

Which runs your ship,

Even when the ship is broken and the fuel is gone.

It can pull you away from the deepest of the dungeons,

Into the nest of warmth,love and care.

It brings you home.


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