Cognitive Intelligence.

Cognitive intelligence,

Is the new mantra to workout in any field,

Especially in the field of science and technology.

Cognition works in the by processes of the brain,

While intelligence,

Is a source of information which comes from the heart as well as from the mind.

Intelligence in truth is hard to come by.

So, when cognition,

Which is the mental ability to recognise anything which goes around one’s surrounding,

Is brought in fruition with intelligence,

Then the things rock,

And cognitive intelligence takes birth.

Babies or (especially) small children,

Are warned and taught about many things which they aren’t supposed to do.

But very few babies follow it.

Such babies or small children have their cognitive intelligence developed,

And they are talented.

Cognitive intelligence is a boon.

It is definitely a rare thing to have and much rarer to use .

For cognitive intelligence or plain human intelligence,

Often gets replaced by artificial intelligence.


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