Free Coupons.

Free coupons both have a positive side as well as a negative side.

They offer free things,

Mega discounts.

They make believe that anything worth them,

Are worth it.

But if looked upon carefully,

One could see that the thing “free”,

Or the discount is already covered in the price.

The positive side is that sometimes in comparison with other shops, they do offer marginal discounts.

While, the negative side of it, is known by all that it leads to serious binging in shopping.

All the while, free coupons have existed for many years,

And with each passing day they seem to make up more of the market.

Coupons or no coupons,

Do buy a red rose,

A small pen,

A cone of vanilla ice cream.

A notebook to jot down your memories.

To prove that an inch of humanity still exists.


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