My Bowl And Saucer.

I have a bowl and it is with me since my childhood.

I have eaten chicken, fried rice, biryani, kheer, soups, ice creams in it.

It is made from ceramic but it is still intact.

Whenever I eat in that bowl, my old memories comes back.

The happiness, the smells, the uniqueness that it is for me,

it was a gift for my parents.

Thank you God, for keeping it intact.

Even my sparrow chicks, who comes on the window still knows the bowl.

Even the crow who caws for biscuits knows the bowl.

And the saucer, what about it?

It is so beautiful that as soon as I hold it,

My childhood, my teenage, my likings, my intelligence,

Everything says it is nice.

Last I drank sugar cane juice with lemon drops and ice in it.

Oh! Lord, please save my saucer and bowl.

It had been shifted from place to place as we moved from a place to another,

And it has remained the same.

It loves me and I love it too.

They are my friends, without whom I cannot do. Adios!

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