A Night In Moonlight.

A night moonlight,

Waltzing under the dark skies,

Gives a sense of adventure,

Like a knight in a brave fight.

The street lights,

Are on,

For they can see all along.

A night in moonlight,

Is a bit scary but good,

It is sufficient enough to cause one to come out of one’s shoes and boots.

A night in moonlight,

Where you can sing like a bull frog,

That you are the one,

Whom all love.

Be it your song or a famous declaration,

That you were better,

Than the men who went ahead of you,

By paying a price all along.

A night in moonlight,

Is bright and churned,

For many are the thoughts which come out of one’s barney.

And then they take a road which is long and full of turns.

A night in moonlight,

Is a rendezvous set to date,

For God is mine,

And I am his.

Within his creation,

The peacock,

The owl,

The sparrow,

The man,

The everything,

Takes some time of,

As everything comes to rest.


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