Infinitely Grand.

Infinitely grand are the buildings.

Infinitely grand are the famous buildings.

Infinitely grandest is a mother’s love.

Infinitely grandest is a father’s love.

Infinitely grandest is their care.

Infinitely grandest is God’s love.

Infinitely grand are the cells in one’s hair.

Infinitely grand is an elephant’s smile for very few have truly seen it.

Infinitely grand is the economy which runs one’s house, save it must be true honest.

Infinitely grand is water which gives life.

Infinitely grand is the illusion which plays good and bad in the creation.

Infinitely grand is the mind, which is full of false things.

Infinitely grand is the lies, which gives us satisfaction.

Infinitely grand is God, the truest of the true,

For infinity and grandness are both,

Much beneath him.


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