Rebellious. Worthy. Synchronous.

Three pigs, Omb, Rusk and Jack, decided to rebel against their uncle who was a hypocrite. He would make them run four to five miles a day and his grunting noise would terrify them very much.

Well, one day, a big master pig came into the town. He was a wizard, but in the form of a pig. He had come into the pig town to take a stock of the situation.

Soon, he found out about the uncle who used to terrify his nephews. He decided to teach him a lesson.

The uncle’s name was Taink.

The wizard organized a running competition and made the uncle pig a participant in it.

In that race, the uncle pig Taink failed miserably. So, the wizard gave him a punishment of running ten miles everyday.

He placed Omb as his uncle’s coach and asked him to make his uncle run ten miles everyday.

But Omb’s stubborn uncle, wouldn’t budge an inch from the bed.

So, Omb, Rusk and Jack, decided to rebel.

And how did they do that?

They tied a rope to their uncle’s legs, hands and tied the rope’s other end with themselves and began running. The uncle was dragged out of his bed.

When the stones and pebbles rubbed and scratched his back, he thought he was dreaming in the fairy land that he was the King of Stones. But soon reality came to him and he found that he was being dragged on the road.

He was bumping up and down on the road and as soon as he managed to straighten himself up, he went ahead to thrash the three of them. But just at that moment the wizard aka the master pig appeared and put a spell on him. Taink’s hands were not working anymore. He could only move his legs. He tried to kick them but his legs won’t move. They would only run. So, instead of running ten miles, Taink had to run twenty miles as a punishment

He decided to run from the pig town, but the wizard had thought of it before hand, and the uncle pig couldn’t move an inch outside his house.

Atlast, Taink had to apologize infront of everyone to Omb, Rusk and Jack and they were given the tag of being rebellious, worthy and synchronous by the wizard, who said that in the future they would do great things for the pig town and the uncle Taink had to face a lot of punishments for his misdeeds.

The wizard said that the punishments would continue till Taink mended his ways.


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